Commercial Financing

Take your business to unprecedented heights of success. Let us take care of your finances in the increasingly complex structure of ever-changing policies. Up-to-date with the latest knowledge and market policies, we provide the optimal financial solution for your firm. Maintain a smooth flow of business transactions and achieve your goals on time, without having to worry about the financial aspect. Get a tailor-made solution for your business without having to go through the hassles for loans, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, etc. Our Commercial Finance solutions include:

  • Short-term loans including Murabaha, Karobar Finance, Musharika, Ijarah, etc.

  • Assignment of Receivables/Discounting through Islamic Financial Institution

  • Bridge Financing through which we can arrange funds for you until your loan application is approved

  • Sight Letters of Credit, Documents against Acceptance, or Letters of Guarantee

  • Other Short-term requirements for working capital